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Not able to login into sandbox account page


2017.10.16既読 1111

We are Integrating our current system with Line Message bot. so that we can send notification to Line Talk. 

For development, we are trying to use sandbox account. 

we have created sandbox accounts from developer console. We have added new accounts in sandbox 

for further development and testing. but not able to login in sandbox account.


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    LINE WORKS 公式アカウント

    Sandbox environments are provided for admin function tests, and do not support user function (e.g. login, talk, mail, calendar, etc.)
    Please use a "real" user account for a bot trial.


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    シャーバビック 投稿者

    We have been using the "real" account only till now. But now we are exceeded with bot limit hence can't use it further. Getting below error while creating new bot.
    Service fail, HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request, {“code”:400,“message”:“Active bot limit exceed”}
    So if there a way we can sort this issue out, please do let us know. I have created separate post for this too.


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