Bot messages are not delivered to end user at a same time


2021.08.31既読 1666

I am using LineWorks Message Bot api to notify our end user, but getting complain from users that they are getting messages not in a same time.

Example: from my system I send notification to User A, B and C

now users are getting messages like:

User A: after 1 minute
User B: after 5 minute

User C: after 25 minutes

We checked at our end is there any calling delayed at our end but we are not found that. We called API for all three users at a same time.

Now we need help from your end:
- Is there any way from where we can also check when message processed and send to end user?
- Is there any screen or API available for message bot?

- Is there any chance of delayed when called LINEWORKS api?

- Is there any limitation like in 1 hour or 1 days this much calls are allowed for Bot message?

Please let me know if you have any other question or queries on above points.
Thanks in advance


  • 업데이트 된 답글입니다.

    LINE WORKS 公式アカウント

    Regarding message processing, API Request is processed as soon as it arrives at the server and reflected in the talk.
    I confirmed it in this verification environment, but it is immediately reflected in the talk.
    There is a possibility of temporary symptoms depending on your environment, so please check again after a while. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    There are three request restrictions as follows.
    ① Exceeding the number of API calls that can be executed within a certain time (60 seconds) (Rate Limit)
    ② Exceeding the number of simultaneous connections
    ③ Exceeding the quota per day (maximum number of times limit)
    Please refer to the following page for details.
    メッセージの処理ですが、API Request がサーバに届いたのちすぐに処理されトークに反映されます。

    ① 一定時間内(60秒)に実行可能な API 呼び出し回数超過(Rate Limit)
    ② 同時接続数超過
    ③ 一日あたりのクォータ(最大回数の制限)超過


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