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Blank white page is displayed after logged in from line works login page sometimes



2018.06.15既読 181

Hi There,

We have implemented SSO in our website ( to allow our customer to login to our web site using line works credentials. It is working fine. However we have couple of clients complaining about being presented with blank white screen after entering the credentials on line works login page.

We have investigated it further and came to know the request in such case never reached to our server and got stuck at line works end only. The proof is that the URL in browser is displayed as below when the user is getting this issue and then nothing happens.

Can you please investigate it or help us come to any conclusion?



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    A typographical error​ seems to be happening in the registered ACS URL.

    Could you re-confirm the ACS URL registered in the SAML SSO setting of "suncoro" domain?
    Correct registered value should be "";, but "saml" part seems mis-typed as "sami".​

    Thank you.​


  • Thanks for update. You are right, it should be saml and not sami. We will check with client and get back.