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Regarding JWT Token generation


2021.10.29既読 382

Hi Team,

I have been using the previous version of API, and I was able to generate JWT token properly, until today morning, now the API returns me an empty string in the access token field, on going through the lineworks site we found out that there was a release for API (2.0) yesterday, is this release anyway affecting the previous flow, can you please check it from your side and let us know about it?

Thank you


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    I confirmed it in this verification environment, but I was able to obtain the Token normally.
    We have also confirmed that the API server is working properly from the release of API 2.0 to the present.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but please check the Request details again.
    また、API 2.0のリリースから現在までAPI serverが正常に動作していることを確認いたしました。


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