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API get member not return externalKey


2021.10.22既読 308

About api get Members

https://developers.worksmobile.com/jp/document/100300529?lang=en. Nn the docs it says in the response externalKey. but when I call api get member in my organization it not return externalKey in respone. but it return privateEmail.
Can you explain to me how the api returns externalKey?


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    I confirmed it in this verification environment, but I was able to obtain the externalKey normally.

    Is the externalKey set for users who do not see the externalKey?
    Check if the externalKey is set in the Developer Console.
    こちらの検証環境で確認いたしましたが、正常に externalKey が取得できました。

    externalKey が表示されないユーザーには externalKey が設定されていますでしょうか?
    Developer Console にて externalKey が設定されているかどうかをご確認ください。


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