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2021.10.14既読 1300

Hi Team, 

We have a Lineworks Org account,where in we have three employees registered for a lite plan,so for a lineworks lite account as the site states, it allows adding a maximum of 50,000 contacts per user, so now when I try to add my clients/partners in to lineworks using the add client/partners contacts API, it gives me an error saying you have exceeded your contact limit, when I check my contacts it shows me around 3k contacts in all the three employee accounts, it can be inferred that lineworks is setting a limit of 10000 (instead of 50000 that too combining all the accounts)  contacts for a org under this plan which is contradicting to what is mentioned on the website. Can you please provide some clarification on the issue.


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    LINE WORKS 公式アカウント

    The number of contacts will be 10,000 or 50,000 for the tenant.
    Not per user.

    We're very sorry, but this is the place to ask questions about the API.
    Please contact customer support for confirmation of the Plan and the number of contacts in the address book.
    連絡先はテナントで 10000件または 50000件になります。

    大変申し訳ございませんが、こちらは API に関する質問の場となっております。
    Plan の確認、およびアドレス帳の連絡先の件数につきましてはカスタマーサポートまでお問合せください。


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