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Hi Team,

I need help to understand few doubts regarding message bot

  • What is domain Id in this API call
  • DomainId which is visible in developer console with tenant id, what is this domain id belongs to?

  • I am not able to create new domain in my account

  • I am not able to register the domain id(taken from the developer console) with message bot

  • What is 'accountId' in API call from where i can refer or get it. I am using this api to get private contact.
    "message": "",
    "data": {
        "totalLength": 10,
        "resultData": [{
            "contactNo": 100000000000001,
            "name": "Name",
            "tel": "000-1111",
            "email": "",
            "organization": "organization",
            "department": "department",
            "jobTitle": "title",
            "photoUrl": "",
            "importantContactYn": "N",
                        "worksAt": {
                           "serviceType": "line",
                           "worksAtContactNo": 901000000011000
    "code": "SUCCESS",
    "failType": null
I don't see any accountId information in this response, could you please help me from which API i can get it.


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    hi there,
    U can find domain ID which belong to tenant in Developers console (
    in Bot menu in Developers console, U can register domain of the msg bot.
    and.. accountId is what you login to lineworks like [].


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    VSarala 投稿者

    Hi Team,

    Thanks for the clarification regarding the domain ID, it was helpful, but how do I extract the account ID using an API call, when I try to fetch my private contacts I do not find any field corresponding to the account id as I have to send messages using the message API to my private contacts, so can you give me a way in which I can fetch the account id of my private contacts which I can fetch using an API call.


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    LINE WORKS 公式アカウント

    The Talk Bot API sends a message to LINE WORKS users in the same tenant.
    You cannot send messages to external users such as clients.
    Also, private contacts do not have an accountId.
    トーク Bot API は同じテナント内の LINE WORKS ユーザにメッセージを送信します。
    また、プライベート連絡先には accountId はありません。


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