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2019.10.18既読 2020

Hi, I'm new to line works and I am developing an application using this api. I would like to ask few questions in Organization Integration > Member. 

1. How do I can set the records to show all ? As you may know in  Request URL = 

       There is a querystring page wherein it is required. I want the record to be shown all.  How to achieve that?

2. How to apply the search functionality in Get Members? As you may know in  Request URL =
        The request url provided is not detailed enough for the search functionality. I have read in response the 
        Property Name searchable(Indicates whether to enable auto-complete and search for the member.) but how can Iimplement this?
        For Instance I want to search the name of the users in group of lineworks.
3. How does externalKey created? Assuming I want to add a Member? On what part does external key is being set/created?

Thanks and looking forward to your response. 


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    Hello. I'll write the answer below.

    >1. How do I can set the records to show all?
    Get Members API displays up to 100 members.
    If there are more than 100 people, it cannot be displayed at once.

    >2. How to apply the search functionality in Get Members?
    The Get Members API does not have a search function.
    The searchable property is the setting for searching on the service such as talk.

    You can search based on ID or externalKey.

    >3. How does externalKey created?
    The externalKey is created when using the Add Members API.
    Or it can be set on the page of organization linkage on DeveloperConsole screen.


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